List of SUSBIND Public Deliverables & Summaries

Deliverable No Title Responsible partner Due date
D1.1 Feedstocks from Starch-based Bio-refineries Cargill M8 December 2018
D1.2 Feedstocks from Vegetable Oil-based Bio-refineries Cargill M16 August 2019
D1.3 Feedstocks from Vegetable Oil-based Bio-refineries / Pre-treatments (Summary) Fraunhofer IGB M16 August 2019
D2.2 SUSBIND deliverable 2.2 Lab-scale testing of the most promising resins WoodK+ M40 August 2021
D3.3 Laboratory-scale Evaluation of Epoxidized Lipids as Bio-binders Cargill M38 June 2021
D3.5 Pilot-scale Evaluation of the Final Epoxy Resin Cargill M42 October 2021
D4.3 Validation of SUSBIND PB & MDF at IKEA of Sweden IKEA M50 June 2022
D5.1 LCA of Current State-of-the-Art Resins (Summary) CE-Delft M6 October 2018
D5.2 LCA of Proposed Feedstocks (Summary) CE-Delft M8 December 2018
D5.7 Consolidated LCA, Techno-economic Analysis & Market Uptake Analysis CE-Delft M52 August  2022
D6.8 Industry-led White Paper for EU Ecolabel Criteria for wooden Furniture Revision RTDS M52 August 2022