List of SUSBIND public deliverables

Deliverable No Title Responsible partner Due date
D1.1 Carbohydrate feedstock – Publishable summary Cargill M8 December 2018
D1.2 Feedstocks from vegetable oil-based bio-refineries Cargill M16 August 2019
D2.2 Lab-scale testing of the most promising resins WoodK+ M36 April 2020
D3.3 Laboratory-scale evaluation of epoxidized lipids as bio-binders Cargill M34 February 2020
D3.5 Pilot-scale evaluation of the final epoxy resin Cargill M38 June 2010
D4.3 Validation of SUSBIND PB and MDF at Ikea of Sweden IKEA M46 February 2021
D5.7 Consolidated LCA, techno-economic analysis and market uptake analysis CE-Delft M48 April 2021
D6.8 SUSBIND industry-led white paper for EU Ecolabel criteria for wooden furniture revision RTDS M48 April 2021