Press Releases

Press information 5: “SUSBIND FINAL Press release on 31 August, 2022”

(Press release in English announcing the project end – August 31, 2022)

Press information 4 “SUSBIND Final Online Conference” on 1 June 2022

(Press release in English announcing the organisation of the SUSBIND Final Conference – May 25, 2022)

Press information 3 “Towards Fossil-free bio-based Wood Binders | Launch of Pilot-scale Industry Testing” 

(English press release announcing the start of the pilot evaluation of a new bio-based binders system for mass furniture industry – March 15th 2021)

Press information 2 “Strengthening Europe’s furniture industry with sustainable bio-binders from renewables”

(English press release addressing the overall SUSBIND project approach, goal and complete value chain – December 11th 2019)

Pressemitteilung 1 ”Bioökonomie in NÖ durch neue Innovationsprojekte stark im Aufschwung”

(German press release about the opening presentations of the SUSBIND & SUSFERT Kick-Off-Meetings in Tulln – May 23rd 2018)


SUSBIND in Media

(C) RTDS, Bioeconomy Research & Innovation Event in Tulln, Austria on 23.05.2018

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