The project kickoff was 1 May 2018. Public deliverable are currently in process, please come back soon for more project results. Thank you. In the meantime, check our public deliverable list:

Deliverable number Title Lead beneficiary Type Due date
D1.1 Feedstocks from the

Starch-based Biorefineries

Cargill Report M8 December 2018
D1.2 Feedstocks from

Vegetable Oil-based


Cargill Report M16 August 2018
D2.2 Lab-scale testing of the

most promising resins

WoodK+ Report M36 April 2020
D3.3 Laboratory-scale

evaluation of

epoxidized lipids as


Cargill Report M34 February 2020
D3.5 Pilot-scale evaluation of

the final epoxy resin

Cargill Report M38 June 2010
D4.3 Validation of SUSBIND

PB and MDF at Ikea of


IKEA Report M46 February 2021
D5.7 Consolidated LCA,


analysis and market

uptake analysis

CE-Delft Report M48 April 2021
D6.8 SUSBIND industry-led

white paper for

EU Ecolabel criteria

for wooden furniture


RTDS Report M48 April 2021