All SUSBIND consortium members will make efforts to present, communicate and also disseminate the SUSBIND project to the scientific community. industry and the general public. Below is a collection of planned events for 2019:

EVENTS 2019 Dates Location Partner attending
IPPS International Panel Products Symposium open Llandudno (UK) Cargill
European Panel Federation Annual Meeting open Cargill
Bau München 14-15 .01. Munich (DE) EGGER
Internationales Holzbau-Forum (FLI) 6.02. Lazise (IT) EGGER
HolzBauSpezial | Physik (HBS) 12-13.03. Bad Wörishofen (DE) EGGER
ArenaDesign 12-15. 03. Poznań (PL) EGGER
Holzbau-Forum Polska (HBP) 26-27.03. Warshaw (PL) EGGER
Interzum Trade Fair of Innovation 21-24.04. Collogne (DE) EGGER, Cargill, Valbopan, IKEA
Biotechnika innovative lab equipment LABVOLUTION 21–23.05. Hannover (DE)
LIGNA 27-31.05 Hannover (DE) Cargill, Valbopan, IKEA
Branchentag Holz 12-13.11. Collogne (DE) EGGER
Internationales Holzbau-Forum (IHF) 4-5.12. (DE) EGGER




The event plan will be updated regularly and it will also stay very flexible for opportunities coming up on short notice.

Are you or your colleagues also planning to attend one of those events? Let us know so you can get to know the SUSBIND partners and the project by making good use of networking opportunities!