SUSBIND publishes key market insights to EU Ecolabel Criteria for Wooden Furniture Revision

Sustainability in the furniture trade The word sustainability is something that everyone uses, but does everybody know what it really means? Achieving sustainability requires the understanding of a cradle-to-cradle circular economy concept that only functions if multiple-actors along the entire value chain embrace it. Achieving sustainability means satisfying our current needs only on the condition […]

SUSBIND Pilot production of Medium Density Fibre Boards (MDF) at Valbopan

SMEs praise cooperation with large industry Valbopan is a small-sized company (SME), located in the west coast of Portugal that produces MDF and develops different and innovative products out of standard commodities. Nowadays the most important challenge to the R&D area is finding good alternative raw materials and natural binders to give sustainability to products […]

Validation of SUSBIND PB, MDF and HDF boards at IKEA

The main objective of the SUSBIND project was to produce and test bio-based adhesives in an industrially relevant environment (TRL 5) as an alternative to formaldehyde-based adhesives currently used in the manufacture of wood-based panels. Within the SUSBIND project, work package 2 applies new and greener conversion technologies for the production of adhesives and intermediates […]

New SUSBIND binder proves environmentally-friendly with improved human health impacts

The SUSBIND consortium has developed a bio-based adhesive system for P2 particleboard (PB) and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) targeting two main environmental goals: a 5% lower carbon footprint (TRL 5 for bio-based compared to TRL 9 for the fossil benchmark) and lower human health impacts compared to the benchmark. The consortium partners have developed a novel […]