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EU Ecolabel Criteria for furniture and the SUSBIND survey

For the occasion of the Final Online Conference on June 1, 2022, SUSBIND was honoured to host Antonio Delre – Project Officer at Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, who presented the latest developments on the EU Ecolabel criteria for furniture. Here are some highlights of his presentation. The EU Ecolabel is an EU […]

SUSBIND consortium capitalises on excellent results for biobased binders for furniture at the project end

As the climate changes, the furniture of the future will have to be sustainable, multi-functional and efficient. Nowadays, the wood board industry relies heavily on fossil-based binders that contain formaldehyde. Having the circular economy in mind, there have been many initiatives to produce alternative binders from renewable resources, but a bio-based binder at industrial scale […]

Hydroxymethylfurfural in wood adhesives: Using the strength of a giant in interior particleboards

Wood adhesives must meet various criteria in terms of technical suitability and economic feasibility [1]. Important requirements in this regard are a rapid cure speed and high reactivity. Previously, these properties were identified as remaining challenges in the manufacture of bio-based adhesive and still prevent a cleaner production of wood particleboards [2]. SUSBIND approach Hydroxymethylfurfural […]

SUSBIND sparks discussion of the future for Net Zero furniture

The 12th International Conference on Wood Adhesives  (ICWA) was successfully held May 11-13, 2022 in Portland, Oregon, USA with the active contribution of the SUSBIND Team, represented by Wood K Plus, Cargill, IKEA and the Project Coordinator RTDS. This premier technical conference on advances in the adhesion of wood and biomass is held ever 3-4 […]

From sustainable raw materials to sustainable recycling in furniture: SUSBIND Final Online Conference

“From Sustainable Raw Materials to Sustainable Recycling (R2R) in Furniture” SUSBIND Final Online Conference, 1st June 2022, 10:00 am -14:00 CEST Join our renowned experts on novel biotechnologies and bioeconomy, as well as our scientists and industry representatives! Be the first to know the new trends and discoveries from the SUSBIND project and beyond. You […]

New unspecific peroxygenase for the production of epoxidized fatty acids

Unspecific peroxygenases (UPOs) constitute a family of fungal heme-thiolate enzymes which employ hydrogen peroxide to catalyze regio- and stereoselective oxygenation of both aromatic and aliphatic compounds, an interesting reaction with several biotechnological applications. In the frame of the SUSBIND project, the IRNAS-CSIC (Seville), the University of Dresden (Germany), JenaBios SME (Germany), and the “Biotechnology for […]

“New technologies from the lab for innovative bio-based binders” – SUSBIND Research Online Seminar

SUSBIND is proud to announce its upcoming Research Online seminar on “New technologies from the lab for innovative bio-based binders” that will take place on April 6, 2022. The seminar will showcase the best of project results and findings from the SUSBIND research project, from our six European scientific partners that develop bio-based furniture binders […]


SUSBIND’s collaborative partnership of six research and five industry partners from the EU has made substantial progress this year in developing highly sustainable bio-based binders that will in future replace conventional fossil-based ones currently used for wood-based panel boards in furniture mass products. Towards the Green Deal The SUSBIND binder aims at containing a significantly […]

Time ripe for synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology

Research and development in industrial biotechnology contributes to the growing European bioeconomy which according to the European Commission is worth around 614 billion euros and provides approximately 17.5 million jobs. The leading industrial biotech event that represents this sector is the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) which opens in Vienna next […]